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Cooking Safety

Cooking Fire Prevention

  • Do not leave cooking unattended.

  • Wear short or close-fitting sleeves. Loose clothing can catch fire.

  • Clean cooking surfaces to prevent food and grease build-up.

  • Keep curtains, towels and pot holders away from hot surfaces.

  • Turn pot and pan handles inward to prevent spills.


To Extinguish a Cooking Fire

  • Call 911 immediately.

  • Slide a lid over flames to smother a grease or oil fire, then turn off the heat and leave the lid in place until the pan cools. Never carry the pan away from the stove.

  • Extinguish other food fires with baking soda. Never use water or flour on cooking fires.

  • Ovens are designed to hold heat; for a fire in the oven, keep the door shut and turn off the heat to smother the fire.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

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